Monday, December 08, 2008

HPS Christmas Concert

This past Friday was the annual concert by the group “J” to benefit the HPS Network. We don’t yet know what the final tally will be, but I’m so happy to report from Donna that we had a record attendance – more than 450 people came from around Oyster Bay, New York.

What a great community to come out and support those with Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome in this way. We are so blessed to have been adopted by such a caring place.

I’m also happy to report, for those that sent crafts, that our first real try at a craft table was a success. We sold a lot of the crafts – although some were left – but we made more than $200 just on the crafts. Now that we know there’s a market, we’ve got another year to work on things and to promote the craft table a little better.

Every time you do something new at a fundraiser like this, you learn a little and do it even better the next time.

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