Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Health update

This is just an update for documentation purposes. I am feeling better, but still have not shaken this cold completely – and we’re going into week three! I’m still coughing, still have a sore throat, although it isn’t as bad as it was, and still have a runny nose. But, I don’t feel as achy, feverish, or generally cruddy as I did before. And the cough, while not gone, is better.

I’ve had an especially hard time staying adequately hydrated. I have to pay attention to this, even when I’m feeling normal, but this cold – or probably the medicines – have managed to suck every possible drop of water out of me

The upside is the code browns slowed down. I only had one ostomy leak in a week, and since things were so “thick” it was easy to catch before total disaster struck.

That is until yesterday. Yesterday was an HPS day. It took me forever to get ready in the morning because one of the sores from this infection on my breast decided to bleed – and bleed a lot! When I woke up my nightgown was pretty much ruined. Thank God none of it got on my quilt, and my sheets are a dark color.

I had some errands to run and decided to spend part of the day working at Homers. That’s a treat! It just felt good to be out and with other people. But, it was short lived.

I guess eating normally and drinking normally means I’m now hydrated normally – and that means the code browns are back.

The good news is the week reprieve did help the skin around the stoma heal a lot! I don’t really know why this one happened at all, but never the less, I had to head home rapidly.

One advantage to not being at work is that I can deal with these easily when they happen. That’s helping the skin issue I think. When it can take an hour or more to get home and be able to do something about it, all that “crap” literally, is sitting on the skin and that’s not good for it.

Okay, hope no one was eating! You all know me – don’t hold anything back.

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