Saturday, November 01, 2008

Under the Same Sun delivers petition

This article appeared in a paper in Tanzania.

VP to receive petition against albino butchery
FINNIGAN WA SIMBEYE Dar es Salaam A PETITION with close to 6,000 signatures from several countries in the world condemning recent indiscriminate killings of people with albinism will be handed over to Vice- President, Dr Ali Mohammed Shein, this week. The chairman and founder of Under The Same Sun, a Canadian charity group in defence of albino rights, Peter Ash, told this paper yesterday that over 20 killings of people with albinism which occurred recently in the country have raised a worldwide concern.

’’Tanzania has gotten on the world map, it’s attracting global attention for the wrong reasons,’’ Ash, himself an albino, said.

He said the killings, mainly linked to witchcraft, were unacceptable and urged government to prosecute the offenders.

’’We have already handed over the petition to the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister and our partner, Al-Shaymaa Kwegyir (Nominated Member of Parliament), is trying to get appointment with the vice-president so that we can hand-over the petition,’’ Ash said.

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