Sunday, November 02, 2008

Science, the election, and the next President

Well, the candidates on both sides have stumped across the country and by Tuesday the election will finally be over. I have to admit, I'll be thrilled. I'm tired of the robo calls and the argueing.

For me, a big issues that impact my vote include healthcare and funding for medical research. A project called ScienceDebate 2008 set out 11 months ago to try to raise the profile of science-related issues in the election. They asked both candidates to respond to 14 key questions impacting science. I posted the responses from both candidates here - but just in case anyone wants to review them again before Tuesday, here's the link:

Today I got an e-mail that the organizations leading ScienceDebate 2008 wrote a letter to each candidate asking them to appoint a cabinet-level science advisor by Jan. 20th if they won. We'll see - doesn't sound like such a bad idea given the key role science plays in health care reform as well as generating new jobs in an economy that needs very much to move forward.

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