Saturday, November 01, 2008

More news from Tanzania

I've been so busy trying to get my life in order that I'm way, way behind on some news reports, and some blogging! Boy am I behind. This is a story that appeared on the BBC on Oct. 21. I know Rick is back from his trip - I saw a facebook comment saying he was in London - so I'm sure his site will have some interesting updates for those that are interested.

Albino girl murdered in Tanzania
Five people have been arrested in north-western Tanzania for killing a nine-year-old albino girl on Sunday night, police have told the BBC.

Police commander of Kahama district Shaibu Mohamed said the attackers broke down the door to her home and dragged her outside and cut her throat.
They chopped off her lower legs and some hair which they made off with.
About 30 albinos have been killed in Tanzania this year, their parts wanted by witchdoctors for "get rich" potions.

The girl's murder - in Segese village - happened hours after President Jakaya Kikwete promised to do more to protect people with albinism.

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