Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Health Update

You’ve probably noticed I didn’t post a lot this week. I thought that when I stopped working my fatigue would likely improve. Being under so much stress all the time has to make a person tired! Surely if that situation was dealt with, I’d get a little more get up in my get up and go.

The reality is I continue to struggle with fatigue in a big way. I try to get through the night with my CPAP, but I can’t always make it. Today has been especially bad. I feel like I’ve been in a cloud all day. My sinuses are acting up and I kept waking up in the night feeling like something was stuck in my throat (post nasal drip) and feeling like my ears needed to pop.

My joints have been acting up this week too.

Finally the runs subsided, but were replaced by the opposite problem. Even with an ostomy, one can get constipated. Usually grape juice does the trick, but this time I drank a whole bottle of the stuff and nothing came through for almost a day. My stomach has felt crampy all week.

That’s the update for the week – I don’t mean to whine – just to keep track of things.

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