Friday, August 15, 2008

We have a winner (for the ladies)

Regular readers will remember that at my last NIH visit I finally broke down and decided to let Dr. Merideth insert a Murena IUD. I was a big chicken so the whole thing was probably more involved than it needed to be, but I’m so grateful to Dr. Merideth for being so tolerant of my nerves.

I was sort of worried that the whole thing had been for nothing. For the first month (maybe a little more) I spotted, which was annoying. I also had some cramping, but not too bad. Then I had two normal, however not eventful, periods after that.

But finally there’s a payoff. My friend Carmen told me that in Puerto Rico where she’s from there’s a saying when a girl reaches puberty and joins this little rite of passage – people in the family say, “The rooster has crowed for so and so…”

Well, we can safely say the rooster isn’t crowing here! It’s so wonderful! No days of missed work, horrible cramping, horrible GI issues, back pain, joint pain and anemia. I’m thrilled.

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