Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Traveling between Puerto Rico and NIH

We just got a head's up from Jose at NIH about a change in travel from Puerto Rico to the NIH. I don't want anyone to get caught off guard, so if you all could help us get the word out, that would be nice.

Apparently most of the HPS'ers in the protocol coming from Puerto Rico take United Airlines flight 1689 back and forth. The airlines are cutting back on flights and United Airlines has done away with this flight. The patients that took this flight will now have to take an American Airlines flight that's at a different time. I know you all are going to love this. Hector will have to pick you up from the hospital NO LATER than 4:00 am to make the flight on time.

It gets better! Please help us get the word out to folks, no matter where they're flying from, to PACK AS LIGHT AS POSSIBLE. The airlines, most of them anyway, will start charging $15 a bag to check luggage. So, try to get what you need to fit in your carry on!

I spoke with Jose about starting to mail people their meds as when I leave, those medications take up a lot of room in my luggage. He thought that was possible and will check it out to try to help.

Those of you that are going to Puerto Rico or who have regular contact with folks there - it would help if you could pass this along.

Lets try to make the adjustment with the least amount of grief for Jose - he can't help it and we're lucky to have the opportunity to be there.

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