Wednesday, August 06, 2008

On the outreach trail

This past Monday Donna gave a lecture about HPS to about 30 physicians from the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health Systems. It was one of those opportunities that just fell in our laps, and Donna seized the moment. Grin!

This coming Friday Elsie from Florida is giving a talk about HPS at the Division of Blind Services in her area. Dr. Wilson, an area eye doctor, will also be there. So far 19 people with albinism are signed up.

Go Elsie!

Remember, we need everyone’s help to educate the public and the medical establishment about HPS. Not a big fan of public speaking? The Network is happy to help you create Powerpoint presentations and develop a speech. We’ll also send you flyers and brochures if you need them.

Just let us know what you’re doing on the outreach trail to find the next person in the Hundred People Search!

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