Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A book on raising kids with albinism

What's the joke about kids coming with an owner's manual? Well, here ya go! NOAH has published a book on raising kids with albinism. I thought some of the HPS parents might like to know about it. There is a section on HPS, however, keep in mind that it is meant for people that don't know anything about HPS. It isn't really a be-all-standard-of-care etc. But, there's lots of other stuff in there I think you all would find useful like information about IEPs, social issues etc. You can get a copy at the NOAH Store - here's the link:

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Mashawna said...

Thanks for posting about this Heather! We got the book at the NOAH conference last month. It's an AWESOME book. Definitely a must have for new parents of children with albinism. Even better...Lyra is pictured in the book TWICE!!!