Monday, July 21, 2008

Update on people with albinism in Tanzania

The BBC is on top of the story regarding the horrible killings of people with albinism in Tanzania. I know many of you have been interested in following this story and are looking for ways to help. Although I couldn't make it to NOAH, it's my understanding that some help is being organized. The HPS Network has expressed to the organizing group that many of our members would like to do something too. We know what it's like to have to fight for your life because you have albinism. Thank God, however, we aren't being chased for our body parts. I can't even imagine living like this. It's just heart breaking. As soon as I know anything about what anyone can do to help, I'll pass it along.

Living in fear: Tanzania's albinos

Twenty-five people with albinism have been murdered in Tanzania since March, a BBC investigation has found.

Albinos are targeted for body parts that are used in witchcraft, and killings continue despite government efforts to stamp out the grisly practice, the BBC's Karen Allen says.

Winifrida Rutahiro (2nd left) says she now scared even to leave her house

Once, albinos used to seek shelter from the sun. Now they have gone into hiding simply to survive, after a series of killings linked to witchcraft.

In Tanzania, 25 albinos have been killed in the past year.
The latest victim was a seven-month-old baby. He was mutilated on the orders of a witchdoctor read more go to:

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