Monday, July 21, 2008

Ryan is getting married!!!!!

We had big news this weekend.

As regular blog readers know, Ryan’s heart has been captured by a girl from Virginia named Sara. Grin!

On Friday night, Ryan took Sara on a dinner boat cruise, and as the boat turned around and the Washington Memorial was in the background, Ryan took Sara to the front of the boat, got down on one knee, and asked Sara to marry him. She said yes!

Our family couldn’t be happier.

I’ve only seen Sara on a few occasions, but she seems very nice and down to earth. She strikes me as the kind of person who always wants to help out and really tries to understand the perspective and reality of the people around her. That’s a skill that is rarer than you might think.

Sara is also up to speed on HPS. She’s been able to distinguish between the future of HPS and the past. That is another rarity in the dating world.

I know I’m bias, but I think Ryan will make a great husband. He’s “well trained” having grown up in a house of girls. The poor guy has been subjected to every chick flick out there and he’s heard more ranting and raving about some of the creepy things guys do that are not impressive to we women. And he does dishes. Grin!

Ryan reminds me a lot of our grandpa Cockerill. He’s just a nice guy who’s always trying to do the right thing and be attentive. And when he’s not, he’s open to polite and subtle suggestion.

Best of all, Ryan and Sara are nuts about each other. As Carmen said when I called to tell her, “Well I know he’s happy because he’s always smiling so big in every picture I’ve seen of him with Sara. I was going to ask him if his face hurt yet.”

I think Sara will fit in great in our family, and I think she’ll fit in great with the HPS family as well.
(Thanks to Julie and her daughter Sara for the pics)

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