Friday, July 25, 2008

Ryan escapes platelets

I haven’t blogged about this because I wasn’t sure if Ryan was going to share it, but since he put it on the HPS Adults listserv, I know it’s okay. I’ve just been swamped.

Yesterday Ryan had surgery to repair an intestinal hernia. The surgery went very well. He had almost no bleeding, didn’t require a platelet transfusion of any kind and was home the same day. Sara is keeping an eye on him.

I just talked to him. He’s happily laying on Sara’s couch watching cable TV (he doesn’t have cable so that’s a treat) taking his pain pills and holding some ice on his wound site.

I’m so glad it went so well. Even though I knew it was a very simple and routine surgery, I couldn’t help but worry. What can I say, I’m a mothering sort of sister and I wanted to be there in person to check everything out. Grin!

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