Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Christmas in July

Regular readers have seen this egg before. I'm posting it because we've been talking about how people with low vision can indeed do art on the HPS adults listserv lately. I don't have a lot of artwork around as I can't paint as much as I once did. But, I do these eggs around Christmas time. They end up being presents and then this year I donated a few eggs to the HPS Network Craft Bank and they were sold at conference with the funds benefiting the HPS Network.

The egg is made of paper mache (you can buy them already made at the craft store). I then put a sealer on the egg so the paint doesn't soak through the paper too much. Then I paint the egg. When it's dry, I put several coats of varnish over it and attach a little dodaddy thing to the top so it can hang as an ornament.

I'll be doing some of these again for the HPS Network. Actually, I have one that is a larger size than this one about half finished now.

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