Monday, July 14, 2008

Bye bye Google ad?

Regular readers might notice that the ad that regularly appears in the top right corner of the blog has disappeared.

This evening I got a letter from Google saying that my Google ad account had been shut down. Apparently they detected some sort of thing where someone was clicking over and over and for the protection of their advertisers they shut down the account.

I’m having mixed feelings about the letter. On the one hand I totally understand where they are coming from. I have also been a google ad advertiser and you certainly don’t want to pay for bogus clicks. On the other hand, it’s irritating that the system punishes the publisher for something I have no control over. It’s not like I’m sitting here clicking over and over and over.

Many people know that I donate the revenues from my google ad to the HPS Network. I’ve never been out to make a buck off of HPS. Trust me, it drains my wallet far more than it has ever added to it. Grin! It could be that someone was thinking they were helping, although I’ve always told people not to do that. One click is a trade - your pennies for my reader's time reading your messsage that has been targeted to them - more than that is something different.

The part that does have me very irritated, however, is that they owe me a check which they may have stopped payment on. The ads that have been running lately were correctly focused to my audience. It’s been a lot of low vision stuff and I’d estimate 80 percent of my readers are low vision. To do that to me is crooked, although cleverly they’re contract gives them the right to do it. But the advertisers have already had the exposure to my audience, and now they don’t have to pay for it? That does rub me the wrong way – especially when I’m held responsible for something I don’t even know about.

I will file an appeal, but doubt very much I’ll get anywhere with it. Beyond that, what can I say? Oh well….I’d have to consider the time investment to fight about it versus the many other things the Network needs me to be doing right now.

I am perturbed though. Grunt!

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Ana said...

Hi Heather,

That is so sad! I had made it a routine to come and click on your ad on a daily basis...once I figured out where it was.

I hope they have a heart and let you have that check.