Monday, July 28, 2008

Another person with albinism killed in Tanzania

It has happened again. Another person with albinism has been killed in Tanzania. His wife, who also has albinism, was injured and now their children with albinism are likely at risk.

Every time I read one of these stories my heart breaks. I want to do something.
Here's the story from the BBC. I also want to send a big kudos out to the BBC reporter covering this story. It's my understanding that the witchdoctors are now threatening her as well.

Tanzania albinos targeted again
Many albinos are living in fear of their lives

Tanzanian police say another albino man has been murdered - the 26th victim in the country in under a year.

The attackers reportedly severed the man's right foot and genitalia. His wife, also an albino, was also injured.

Witchdoctors want the parts for potions they say make people rich, reports BBC correspondent Vicky Ntetema.

In an undercover report last week, she was offered albino body parts by witchdoctors, who said their clients included police officers.
To read the whole story, and see some pictures as well, go to:

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