Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Janet

I was able to talk to Janet last night. We had a very nice talk. It's so great to talk to her and have her not out of breath, or coughing, or struggling to breathe. They've taken her off the oxygen, although it's still nearby just in case. Janet says that was really scary. She's been attached to that oxygen for dear life for quite a while now and it's a bit unnerving to think it's gone away. I've heard other lung transplant patients say the same thing.

Today Janet is getting out of the hospital. She's going to stay in a hotel near the hospital for another week. She says she's also nervous about all the things she has to do now and all the medications she has to keep track of etc. But I know she'll do just fine. She's got so much support and when you talk to her on the phone you can hear the ear-to-ear grin coming right through the phone.

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