Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making headway in Florida!

Last night I talked to Donna to get an update on how the Florida outreach was going. The answer is VERY WELL. Donna said that she felt like if she turned around right then and left that already the week had been worth all the work, and they weren’t even half finished.

When I spoke to her they’d already had four doctor/medical personnel sessions where Kevin and Dr. Markello presented. They averaged about 38 to 40 attendees at each event, except for the one last night that had a turn out of 58!

The group was also interviewed by La Prensa (sp?), the local Spanish language newspaper. An article is supposed to come out Thursday and then another follow-up article the following Thursday. Today they had more medical meetings as well as an interview with the Orlando newspaper. Telemundo was planning to follow them around today as they worked on outreach.

Thursday evening is the big patient event. I can hardly wait to see how that goes and how many people attend.

While it is an HPS-related event, it’s open to anyone with albinism. There will be a low-vision doctor giving a presentation who has more than 50 patients with albinism. And, there’s going to be food! Grin! Debbie has recruited an army of chefs and Elsie has gotten quite a bit of food donated. It will be a great time!

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