Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Janet’s had another minor setback

Last night I spoke with Janet. She was having a little more trouble than she’s had the past few times I’ve talked to her. They’ve got the blood infection pretty well taken care of, it sounds like, but the infection has caused some fluid to build up around her new lung. Yesterday they had to put a tube in to drain some of it off. Janet wasn’t thrilled, but as usual she always looks at the up side. She’s definitely a cup half full type person. But, this means she’s still in the hospital. And it means she had to go back on some oxygen while they resolve this fluid issue.

She was coughing more last night than she has since I’ve talked to her post transplant, but she said that’s a good thing – it means she’s getting the stuff out of her lungs.

The good news is they kicked her out of the ICU so now she’s in a regular hospital room. That’s progress!

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