Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From Janet's husband

Today I thought I'd just re-post the e-mail Janet's husband sent to the HPS adults listserv today. Janet gets better every day!

From Anthony:
Hi everyone, Janet has had her final chest tube removed this morning. We are getting closer to her release date and we are kind of nervous about being on our own. There is a lot for us to remember in terms of medication regimen and the changes in our lifestyle. Also, very soon Janet will be breathing all on her own for the first time since July. Our transplant coordinator (and my new best friend) was right when he said that Janet would be nervous about giving up the oxygen. I had a similar predicament myself a few years back when my lung collapsed, but nothing like what Janet has had to go through, so I can sort of relate to her apprehension. Only someone who has pulmonary fibrosis can understand what having a total lack of oxygen does to a person. I can't wait to tell everyone when she is finally breathing on her own. She is re-learning how to breathe properly so she can expand her new lung. She is working really hard though and she can't stop smiling. I have my wife back and we will be back in Chicago soon. There wil DEFINITELY be a party. Details to come.

Anthony K. Creer

P.S. My wife and I would also like to thank the person who gave my wife this wonderful gift. May God shower his or her family with all of the blessings they deserve. We do not know the circumstances of the indiviual and how our paths crossed, but if the family allows us we would like to thank them personally.

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