Monday, June 30, 2008

Another one of the unsung HPS soldiers

Pictured above is Richie looking a bit worn out. It’s no wonder. Richie is another one of those unsung soldiers in the war to cure HPS. He’s Ashley’s older brother.

Richie is the nicest guy you could ever want to meet. He’s helped out with HPS projects, probably every since he can really remember. He’s hauled boxes, unloaded trucks, answered phones, babysat and on this most recent Florida outreach, been a driver for the outreach team. Richie has also often made donations to the cause out of his own funds, and hey, when you’re a kid, and then a college student as Richie is now, those funds are hard to come by!

So, a big kudos and thank you to Richie who has always been there for those of us with HPS.
Thanks Debbie for the pic!

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