Monday, April 12, 2010

HPS'ers arriving for conference

This is Laura. She came with her sister who has HPS. We so much loved meeting her.

This is Anthony, husband of HPS'er Janet and one of our coordinators in the Chicago area.

This is the famous Janet! She had a lung transplant over a year ago, almost two! She's an inspiration to many of us!

This is Maria M and her mom. Maria was just put on the lung transplant list, so now we're cheering her on to new lungs!

And it's our Anthony again.....grin!
These photos were sent by Tommy Tillman. I really do appreciate those of you who have sent me photos. I'm in the process of sorting through hundreds of them and would take any others you might have out there. I'm not at every session or every moment at conference, especially because I'm on the board. I'm often off doing something behind the scenes and missing some of these great conference moments.

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