Thursday, September 10, 2009

A tool to help fund the HPS Network

I got this from the folks at Goodsearch about their new toolbar. I decided rather than trying to explain it myself (I'm swamped right now) that I'd just cut and paste and anyone interested can follow up themselves.

This month we're going to keep our newsletter short and sweet, focusing on our new
This software, which takes just a minute to install, allows you to support your favorite cause even if you forget to go to our site first! This is a real game changer in both the ease of using our site and amount of money your cause can earn. Here's how it works...1. Download the toolbar at Search the web directly from the built-in search box. Each search generates a donation (about a penny per search) for your cause!3. Shop online as you normally would at any of our 1,300+ participating stores including Gap, PetSmart, Dell, and Staples. When you're at the store's website, our toolbar will automatically light up displaying the percentage donated and any available coupons. With our new toolbar, your purchases will generate donations even if you forget to start your shopping at GoodShop!

Please spread the word as we expect that this software can increase your donations five times or more! Here is a sample email to use (please feel free to make it more personal)...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Every time you shop online at your favorite stores you could be saving money and earning a donation for "Your Organization Here." Our new toolbar, developed by GoodSearch & GoodShop takes just a few seconds to download. More than 1,300 top stores including Apple, Best Buy, Gap, PetSmart, and Staples are pitching in and will donate a percentage of each sale to our organization. There's no extra cost to you and you may even may even save money as the merchants are providing us thousands of money-saving coupons! The GoodSearch toolbar also includes a search box which is powered by Yahoo! Each time you search the web, about a penny is donated to us! There's no easier way to help (your organization). Please spread the word!Here's a link to the toolbar for more information:

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