Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Finally, some productivity

It's funny how excited I can get about little things in life. I've now gone 24 plus hours with no code brown - yippee!

And, yesterday I got a TON done, both for HPSland and for me personally. I felt so great when I went to bed last night.

Donna and I are working on the conference program. I'm working on several new articles for the Web site and got some edits back from Donna last night. So, now I'm making changes there and sending the copy back for a final approval before sending it to translation.

I worked some on a grant yesterday.

I talked to no fewer than seven HPS'ers about various issues - some related to projects and some related to needs.

Donna and I spent some time going over a very basic explanation of lung anatomy that I wrote up to use as an educational tool.

I made contact with two potential vendors for conference - and didn't get a no from either one. I don't have a yes yet, but I don't have a no either.

I did two rounds of dishes, baked a casserole, put away the last of the Christma decorations and did a load of laundry. I also went through two boxes of old records I'm going through trying to make more space in my office and threw away two trash bags of shredded paper. I wish I had a way to get it to recycling.

Oh, and I even got to treat myself to a nice walk yesterday.

Talk about feeling happy!

Today, even though I slept well last night, I was mush this morning. I made some phone calls trying to get documentation sent to the right places for my disability claims etc. I felt like I spinned my wheels. Then I went to do some cleaning in my bedroom and fell asleep for an hour - very frustrating.

I've still got the runs, even if I've been spared a code brown, so I made some herbal tea (getting sick of water) and made a pitcher of ice tea out of it. I drank own the whole thing and started to feel better.

Now I'm working on HPS projects - although I'm feeling tired this evening. I'm trying to make myself remain productive. There's so much to do!!!!!

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Candice & Crystal said...

Hey Heather!

We can't wait to see you at conference next month. We are anxiously counting down the weeks. We are really excited! We'll try to call and catch up sometime soon. Glad you had a productive day. It's good to hear your feeling a little better. Take Care, Candice & Crystal