Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ryan’s Wedding

Ryan and Sara officially tied the knot on Jan. 3rd, 2009. It was a truly beautiful wedding, and although I might be a bit bias, I think everyone there would agree. Everyone, even the minister, commented on the way Ryan and Sara looked at each other. Mom and I sat in the front row and cried through the whole thing. They were tears of joy – tears for a passing into a new life for all of us.

I think everyone there was also touched to the point of tears. After the service a few of us went up and down the pews to collect things left behind, and we collected handful upon handful of wadded tissues. (Mom collected them – I just pointed them out. I’m an official germaphobe now you know.)

I stayed with Ryan the night before he went to the hotel and I’m so glad that we had a little time to ourselves amid all the activities. Ryan and I have a special sister brother relationship. Many siblings are close, but Ryan and I share more than the average siblings do and I think this makes us especially close.

The night before the wedding we had the rehearsal dinner at an El Salvadorian restaurant. Afterwards Ryan held a party in his hotel room. It was so nice to get a chance to sit and talk to everyone and to get to meet some of Sara’s friends.

In all, about 25 HPS-related guests attended. I was so appreciative of having them there. We talk about being like a family, and it was special to be able to share such a happy family occasion with everyone. It was wonderful to be able to sit and chat with everyone in a context completely free of the medical – just as a bunch of friends at a special event.

I don’t know what we would have done without the help of Julie who hosted an HPS event at her house and made it possible for the Tillmans to join us by putting them up for a few nights. Also, the help of the Tillmans and the McIntyres who helped to drive everyone around – it really helped on the stress level of the event!

After the wedding 19 of us from HPSland went to a Chinese restaurant that is known for being the favorite of the first George Bush. It was packed and we had a great time talking to one another. My mom got a chance to sit and talk to Donna and Richard, which was good.

The next day the Tillmans drove my mom, Elsie and I around to some of the monuments in Washington before taking my mom to the airport.

It was such a great trip.

I’ll blog more later about the NIH trip. For now, I know many readers are dying to see some wedding pictures.

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