Saturday, August 02, 2008

Where have you been Heather?

Thanks to all the people that noticed I hadn't posted in several days and checked up on me! You guys are awesome! Yes, I was under the weather, but that was only partly why I've been absent from blogging. The other reason is that somehow my blog (I'd love to know how) set of the spam alerts at Blogger and was temporarily disabled. But, we're up and running now and I've got a LOT to post. Right now, however, I'm waiting on a cab. My good friend Tina, (I've blogged about her before) is moving away to accept a new job. There's a going away event for her, so I'm off this evening to say my farewells. It's a happy/sad occassion. So, more later - unless the cab is really late! Grin!

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