Thursday, June 12, 2008

The HPS booth at the 2008 ATS show

Here is our booth at the ATS Show in 2008. Pictured above, from left to right, are Ashley, Izzy and Karen. You'll notice a huge picture of Lisa in the back of the booth. So often the doctors think that someone with albinism has to be blonde. We blew up a picture of Lisa with the logo, "Could this be your patient?" and it was very successful in generating attention. We also proudly have our partners in research sign showing that we've given a matching research grant with the American Thoracic Society.

You can see why pictures come in so handy. We have a picture of last year's group that was at a Genetic Alliance dinner. It's a mix of HPS'ers and non-HPS'ers, about half and half. In the crowd are Candice and Crystal and Kathryn and Julie and Ryan etc. We show it to the docs and ask them if they can tell who in the picture has HPS. They usually get it wrong so it's useful to make the point that people with HPS can look very different from one another, and also that we come from all over the world.

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